About us

We are two friends Halyna Bodnia & Yevheniia Dizhevska who once decided to live a long and healthy life. After a long way of transormation, our lives have completely changed. That's when we have decided to share the good news and show other people how amazing this new life can be.
Becoming happy and active people made us want to spread it around. And that's how our small business began.

Now we are on a constant search for the best fitness programs that can meet any age, body-type, activeness level and music preferences needs.

We offer worldwide shipping so you could become a better version of yourself being in any corner of our Planet.
It is very important to us that our customers receive 24/7 support.

Please feel free to reach us anytime for consultation or any kind of assistance.

Halyna Bodnia
Yevheniia Dizhevska

We'll do our best for you to find exactly what you want and need!